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Planning a vacation with children in mind is a lot different from when planning a vacation just for adults. While sunning yourself all day on the beach sipping cocktails is all well and good, if you have children they are going to get bored doing this all day. However, that is not to say that you cannot have a great vacation with the family and here are some great ideas for fun family vacations.

Dominica in the West Indies Offers An Exciting Caribbean Escape

The Caribbean is a perfect place for a vacation for the whole family and one of the most exciting regions for people with children is Dominica in the West Indies.

Dominica is known as the nature island due to the fact that it is home to white and black sand beaches and offers more than 300 miles rainforest and trails to hike and for children to explore. If your children like the outdoors this may be the perfect place. There is a sea turtle program for children to get involved in, including the release of baby turtles. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is home to stunning waterfalls and volcanoes and more, all of which are perfect for the family who loves to be active and enjoy all that Mother Nature offers.

Camp in Style in Clayoquot Sound in British Columbia

How about a camping vacation for the whole family? Travel to Clayoquot Sound in British Columbia and the whole family can go camping in style at the Wilderness Resort.

The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is among the most fun vacations for the whole family, and while this is camping, it is camping in luxury, with private showers, luxury tents and more than enough at hand to keep both the children and adults amused. Children and parents can enjoy sailing, fishing, whale watching, mountain bike riding, walking, surfing and rock climbing, and this is just the start. The resort is set in a temperate rainforest and is home to plenty of wildlife and at the end of a busy day, the children will sleep like a log while the adults can relax on their own private deck.

The Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando in Florida

No mention of a vacation for the family is complete without a theme park and the Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando in Florida is on the list for this reason.

Children of all ages cannot get enough of the magic that is Disney and the Magic Kingdom offers plenty of that. Children can get up close and personal with many of their favorite characters, including Cinderella and her castle to Mickey Mouse, Goofy and the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Aulani, Ko Olina, Oahu in Hawaii

The Aulani is a resort from Disney and it comprises of 460 villas and 359 hotel rooms, with picturesque green mountains behind and near to the Pacific Ocean.

This may be a perfect choice for those with babies and young children as the resort offer cabanas for breast-feeding with views out over the beach and are ideal for getting out of the hot sun with your young ones. The spa at the resort offers massage classes for infants and if and when you need to take a break away from the children there is Aunty Beach House, where children 3 and over are watched over and entertained for free. The shop on the resort caters for children and strollers can be hired.

These are just a few of many great ideas for fun family vacations, hope you find your perfect vacaton.

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