Is it worthwhile to eat at Cinderella's castle?

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Choosing whether or not to eat at Cinderella's castle, an experience known as dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table, depends on a number of factors specific to your Disney vacation.

If you are traveling with a girl or boy who loves Disney princesses, the meal at Cinderella’s castle is an excellent choice. With the reservation and purchase of your meal, you will receive a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

First, you will arrive at Cinderella’s castle shortly in advance of your reservation. Once your party has been confirmed, your group will wait in line with the other diners in the Grand Hall for a quick photo with Cinderella. A Disney photographer will take a professional-level image, but you may also take pictures with your own camera or phone. Cinderella takes a moment to speak with your group members, welcoming you to her castle for a lovely dining experience. Cinderella does not appear during the meal itself, so this is your chance to meet with the titular princess.

The Hall’s clock chimes as each party is called, and you then climb the red-carpeted stairs inside the castle, passing beautiful stained glass windows that often go unnoticed from outside the building.

Finally, you will finish the trek to the Banquet Hall. The large room is arranged with close tables, and a member of the Disney team will escort you to your reserved spot. The adults and children in your group will receive menus, detailing the short list of options for beverages, main courses, and desserts. Once you have made your selections, the staff will quickly bring your chosen beverages, as well as long wands for the girls and swords for the boys in your group.

Your meal options will depend on whether you have decided to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the castle. All meals feature an appetizer before the main course, and the lunch and dinner menus include desserts. The kids’ menus for all the meals offer children’s favorites, such as pancakes or chicken nuggets. However, you are not at Cinderella’s Royal Table just for the food. You are there to meet the princesses.

At each meal, you will be visited by 4-6 of Cinderella’s princess friends. However, you will not know which princesses will make an appearance that day until they begin arriving. Frequent visitors of the castle include Jasmine, Ariel, Snow White, and Aurora. Belle is rarely seen at the castle, and the Frozen princesses are not part of this experience.

When it comes down to whether or not it is worthwhile to eat at Cinderella's castle, you really have to decide what is most important for your Disney vacation. If your group is excited about seeing a lot of princesses, this dining experience is a perfect choice. You can see, talk to, and take pictures with many of the most popular Disney princesses in a short half-hour meal rather than waiting for more than a half hour in lines for each princess. However, if your group is more interested in rides and exploring the park, you probably do not want to spend your time sitting down for this extravagant meal. Cinderella’s Royal Table is all about the experience of being in Cinderella’s castle and meeting Disney royalty, and if that if important to your vacationers, then this meal is the right choice.

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